Giftract combines the use of a smartphone with emotions to create a gift through the app. User can use his creativity to design the app using the existing templates, or choose his own theme. One would wonder what is the need of an app when there is always an option to make a video montage...   Read More

Greeting cards and long Facebook posts are so 2010. It’s the time of the app. Giftract helps you gift a personalised app to delight your loved ones. The customization of the app could be across multiple levels a quiz, scavenger hunt, timer, calendar and games. App-y Birthday to you!   Read More

Sahil, Disha and their group of friends were all in their final year, when they happened to have a chat on what farewell gifts they would like to receive. Soon they realised that meaningful options were very few and far between, and it call came down to perfumes, watches and even boxers! ...   Read More


Sahil Vora is a graduate in Bachelors of Business Administration with a major in Finance from NMIMS University (Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce). He prefers educating himself constantly and works simultaneously on many projects, which is why he works part-time along with his studies.
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He’s special, isn’t he? Then why stop short at gifting him the same old perfume, watch, tie and other clichés? How about a personalised present for the love of your life, this time ‘round? If that sounds like a great idea (trust us, it is), you’re at the right place!   

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We are living in the 21st century, which is based entirely on technology. We see technology everywhere and is encroaching every aspect of our life. But the one thing that has not changed in this modern age is emotions.
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